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Welcome to Jhulelal Mandir Trust

Welcome to Jhulelal Mandir

Shri Purshottam Lalsai Dham, at Lokhanwala Complex, Andheri was formed in March, 2001 with an aim to conduct social and cultural activities for and amongst the Sindhi community located in and around Mumbai.

The landmark work done by the trust is that of initiating the work to build the Jhulelal Dhyanmandir, located at the heart of 3rd Cross Road, Lokhanwala Complex, Andheri (W).

The trust is also engaged in more social activities such as - Blood Donation Camps, Entertainment and Religious events on Chettri Chand (every year), hosting a number of visits by sindhi religious gurus from all.......  

Our Founder

Sadguru Swami Shri Purshottam Baba
Swami Umeshji Maharaj
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